Frequently Asked Questions


How tall a window will a Bird Screen cover?

Each Bird Screen comes with 72" of screening, which you cut to the length of your window. See Installation Instructions.

Do I have to order any parts or accessories?

No. Each Bird Screen comes with all of the hardware necessary to install it for both mounting methods (screw hooks and suction cups).

Each Standard Bird Screen includes: 1 Bird Screen (frame and screening), 2 O-hooks, 2 Screw Hooks, 2 Top Mounting Brackets, 6 Suction Cups, 2 Long Screws, 2 Long Screw Sleeves, 4 Short Screws.

Each Sliding Door Bird Screen includes 1 Bird Screen (frame and screening), 2 O-hooks, 2 Screw Hooks, 1 Foam Bumper.

If I need parts or accessories, how do I order them?

Go to Products and click on Parts.

Are Mid-Screen Frames needed on tall Bird Screens?

Yes and no. In most situations, they are not needed. I suggest ordering the Bird Screens without the Mid-Screen Frame and see how it goes. If it becomes apparent that birds are still getting injured when flying into the Bird Screen, then order the Mid-Screen Frames.

Do you ship to any foreign countries?

Only to Canada. If you wish to order from Canada, send me your name, address, phone number, and a list of what you wish to order. I will then send you an online invoice. Then, to order, just pay the invoice. Once I receive notice of payment, I will ship your order.

Do the suction cups hold in cold weather?

In extreme cold (Alaska, northern Canada), the suction cups will not hold. I recommend using the screw hooks in those regions.

If my window is slightly wider than the standard Bird Screen widths, will the birds fly into the exposed area of the window pane?

No. A few inches on either side of the Bird Screen will not attract bird collisions.

If I use the "bumper" on the bottom of the Bird Screen, will the screen flap around in the wind?

Yes. But so what? I have all of my Bird Screens mounted that way. Yes, they flap around, but with the bumper, no harm is done.

Will Bird Screens work on odd-shaped windows?

Sometimes. Call or email me and describe the size and shape (best with photos) of your windows. I will evaluate them and make recommendations. More often than not, I recommend other solutions.

How wide can you make a Bird Screen?

36 inches. For wider windows, you can hang multiple Bird Screens side-by-side.

What is the Sliding Door model?

It should really be called the "Fixed Section of a Sliding Door" model! It is for certain situations only. The sliding door must slide inside the fixed section and you have a sliding screen door that slides outside the fixed section. There must be an overhang or the wall above the door must be compatible with using the screw hooks. The Bird Screen then hangs out in front of the fixed section, far enough that the sliding screen door can slide open behind the Bird Screen. See Sliding Door Instructions.

What does a Bird Screen look like?

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Where can I read articles and research about window collisions?

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How can I contact you?

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How did the Bird Screen come about?

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