Spare Battery Pouch

Product Code: BP
Weight: 0.63lb

Price: $5.00

Did you remember to put a spare battery in your pocket? Did you put it in your coat pocket and then wear a different coat? Do you have to carry a clunky camera bag just for a spare battery?

The Spare Battery Pouch attaches to the camera strap, so the extra battery is always with the camera.

Fits most digital camera batteries. Has room for a spare memory card as well!

I use three batteries for my camera. One in the camera, one in the Spare Battery Pouch, and one in the charger. After a day in the field, I put the battery from the camera into the charger, the one from the pouch into the camera, and the one from the charger into the pouch. Then I am ready for my next outing.

The pouch is made of genuine leather and has a velcro closure. The strap loop on the back fits on the narrow portion of most camera straps.

Fits batteries up to: 1.75" W x 2.3" L x 0.875" H